Posted by Chuck Lubbers on May 16, 2017
Our thanks to Chaya Gordon-Bland, Managing Artistic Director of the SD Shakespeare Festival, for her informative presentation on all of the SDSF activities. Gordon-Bland, Scott Mollman, Director of Operations and Productions, and Rotarian Greg Huckabee were founding leaders of the Shakespeare Festival. The South Dakota Shakespeare Festival welcomes everyone to free performances of the production "The Comedy of Errors" in Prentice Park, Vermillion SD. In addition to the production, the SDSF features workshops for children, preview performances in the region and a roundtable discussion of the play with Shakespeare scholars on Saturday afternoon. More information can be found on the SD Shakespeare Festival's website. The Vermillion Rotary Club has been a financial sponsor and has provided volunteers since the beginning. Additionally, two Vermillion Rotarians (Rich Holland and Lamont Sellers) serve on the SDSF Board of Directors and over 20 Vermillion Rotarians are also individual sponsors.